Measure Distance Tool in Pixels - Millimeters - Inches on Screen

11/01/20222 min read
A visual and handy tool to quickly get measurement in Pixel and actual size in Millimeter: refine workflow, save time.

When it comes from the realization of demand

For a perfect looking of a digital product, the developer and designer spend much time to work with pixel. A typical workflow could be characterized by:

  • Taking screenshot, open it in an image editing ware.
  • Get measurement to configure image format, create graphic, scale image, etc. via an integration tool.

The sense of proportion is not precise and also take much time, that lead the creators to have a true-to-size digital ruler measuring any objects are displayed on screen in real-time.

Pixel Ruler shows its role: align precisely, refine process, reduce redundant.

Pixel Ruler UI

Not an on-shelf ruler, Pixel Ruler is a digital application which aiming at developers, ers and designers to get measurement of elements for front-end development, web design, graphic design or any task you may need.

Pixel Ruler Interface

Core Features of Pixel Ruler

A visible projection line

Projection line goes accompany with the mouse cursor for perfect positioning and auto-size, that track the measurement point continuously and thoroughly.

A visible projection line

Partial measurement

Using left click (or space bar) to mark your selection to measure partially.

Marking start - end point

Rotating ruler in erent views

Switch between the horizontal and vertical views by:

  • Click on the rotating symbol button.
  • Using key  R .

Resize ruler length

Lengthen or shorten the ruler by:

  • Click  -  to shorten and  +  to lengthen
  • Or using key  S   / key  L   with function respectively.

Locking moves

Lock/unlock the ruler to prevent accidental clicks by:

  • Click on the navigation symbol to lock/unlock moves.
  • Or press key  M   for same action.
Locking moves

Measurement in inch and actual millimeter

Supporting users on printing or simulation consits in getting actual size.  Simple click on the ruler symbol button to switch pixel, millimeter or inch.

Moving the zero point

Click on the  O  symbol to move the zero point to left, right or center.


Adjust transparency

Set transparent color to easily observe the objects under the ruler: scrolling the mouse wheel up and down to decrease and increase transparency respectively.

Switch theme

Click on the painting tray symbol to switch light or dark theme for clearly observation.

Always on Top

To keep Pixel Ruler floating over the desktop, select "Always on Top".


Beside the features are active by pressing the button, you can use the hotkeys for quick work:

S Shorter Shorten the ruler
L Longer Lengthen the ruler
R Rotating Show ruler in vertical or horizontal view
M Moving Lock/unlock moves
T Top mode Keep ruler "Always on Top"

Saving your time for other creative works at the cost of a cup of coffee. Pixel Ruler is available on Microsoft Store.



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