Nguyễn Nghĩa
iOS Software Engineer at VNG
Tiếng Việt, Tiếng Anh
Việt Nam
***, Quận 1
3+ years of experience in IT industry - leveraging skills & competencies towards the betterment of mobile applications and to influence development process lifecycle.

• Proficient in modern iOS libraries like RxSwift, RxCocoa, Kingfisher, Moya, GPUImage.
• Deep understand about Grand Central Dispatch, Operation Queue, iOS application, View, Life cycle and Push Notification, Layout (frame and AutoLayout).
• Widely experienced in application development for iPhone, Android and cross-platform such as Flutter.
• Integrated Social connect features Facebook, Google to iOS.
• Excellent knowledge of OOP, SOLID Design Principles.
• Debugging and troubleshooting skills.
• Alpha/Beta testing: ​TestFlight​, Fabric.
• Highly creative and self-motivated with a go-getter attitude, always ready to learn new technologies.
• Adaptable to work for long hours without losing patience and concentration.
• Time, team and resource management skills.
• Ability to work collaboratively in project with a positive team spirit and ensure teamwork and coordination.
• Experience in Version Control tools (Git, BitBucket)
• Experience working with OpenGL graphic programming and OpenCV.

Domain Synopsis:
Programming Languages: Swift, Objective C, C++, Java, PHP, Dart, Golang, Python.
Reactive Programming: RxSwift, RxCocoa.
Design Patterns: Factory method, Builder, Singleton, Proxy, Adapter, Command, pattern.
Architecture: VIPER, MVVM, MVP & MVC
UnitTest frameworks: ​XCTest​, ​XCUITest​
Tools: ​Xcode​ and Instruments, Android Studio,
Project management tool: Confluent.
App submission : Familiar with ​iTunesConnect, ​Provisional Profiles and Certificates management
Dependency Manager: Cocoapods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager.
Apple frameworks i.e. UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Image and Core Location.
Ads and App analytics: Google Analytics, Google Mobile Ads, Unity Ads.

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