Tran Khanh Nguyen
iOS Developer
Tiếng Việt
*** Viet Nam
I’m a veteran mobile developer with wide range of fields on many technologies: Swift, Objective-C, REST API.
I have worked about iOS for more 2 years, with more than 10+ projects. I'm skillful with many design pattern
and design principles: OOP / SOLID / DRY, Dependency Injection, … and application structures: MVC, MVP,
MVVM, which made the apps more robust, maintenanceable and adaptable to change. With more experience
working in mobile app development, i have found out that the best application should always be built by the
best developer. Not only how good the application is, but also how easy to maintenance and improvement
iOS developer
• Take part in many projects as developer, release and available on AppStore.
• 1st prize in Design and Development Mobile Application for Tourism development in District9, HCM city in 2018
• Runner-up of UIT Hackathon 2018
• Consolation prizes of GameUIT Hackathon 2016
• Consolation prizes at mobile application programming contest 2016 in Inovation Center HCM
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